Nipper’s Mission of Miles

BARBER BREAKS BOUNDARIES - an epic tale of pain, push ups, squats, abs and ADVENTUUUURE. From Las Palmas to Barbados 2,610 Miles. 24/7. For every mile done by S/Y Elena of London i will do each exercise. That's 2,610 of all 3 exercises. That's a challenge.
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Hey guys and girls,

My name is Andrew Barber, mostly known as The Nipper.

This year will be my 5th season spent in the Caribbean, and I have had some really awesome times there. After hearing about the devastation and damage, not only to material things, caused by the hurricanes Irma and Maria I thought it was about time I gave something back.

I have challenged myself to a Push up, a squat and an abs exercise for every mile that we do on the crossing from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria, to Barbados. In total that’s 2,610 miles (in a straight line!). 2,610 squats, 2,610 push ups, 2,610 abs. That’s my challenge.

Any help towards hurricane relief for some of the gorgeous Caribbean islands such as Dominica, Barbuda, St Martin and the BVIs to name a few is so gratefully received by the people who have lost everything.

My aim is to raise as much as possible before we get to Barbados in order to get the money to the people that need it most on these islands that have given me so many fond memories.

I really appreciate the support in advance. Thank you all so much.

Nipper x

P.S (I will not be able to post videos unfortunately because we don’t have internet offshore but don’t worry I have some  serious adjudicators. I will post them on arrival)