Operation “Enzo”

HELPING FAMILIES IN PUERTO RICO AND THE CARIBBEAN ISLANDS. In partnering with YachtAid Global, we are going to load Enzo, presently lying in Newport, R.I., with approximately 5,000 lbs. of badly needed supplies and take them directly to the people who need them the most. We will match your donation 3 to 1, up to $20,000. So every $1 you donate will mean $4 goes to those in need. Your donation will have maximum impact and make a real difference!
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Donating to Red Cross or NGO’s is great, and you should continue to do just that. But you don’t always get to see the direct impact of your donation. Here is an opportunity to partner with us to feel and experience the difference that your donation can have on the lives of others. In addition, we will match every $1 with an additional $3 up to $20,000. We will deliver badly needed supplies directly to those who need it the most. This is how it will work: Enzo is a 62 ft. Oyster Sailboat and she is presently lying in Newport R.I. At the end of the month, Captain Adam Hauck and his crew will receive a shipment of supplies from YachtAid Global, and hand load them onto Enzo. In addition, we will load personal supplies of: Hygiene products , medicines, baby formula, Water, food, dry and canned. Utilities: (AAA, C and D batteries) flashlights, rope, tarps, water filters, plastic trash bags. Clothing: Summer clean clothing for kids and adults and shoes. (We estimate that Enzo can hold up to 7,000 lbs. of extra cargo, so we are looking to add at least 5,000 lbs.) Once loaded Captain Hauck and his crew will sail south to the Islands. Since Enzo is a smaller sailing vessel, they will be able to sail into the smaller ports or villages that are more remote. Many of these remote towns do not have access to some of the aid that is coming into the larger ports. In addition, we have good friends who live in Puerto Rico. They are working closely with the local families to provide them with the resources necessary to help themselves.  We will do our best to document the trip and share the photos and/or videos with all of you. Thank you for making a real difference! Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, “What are you doing for others?”  Martin Luther King