Humanity Road joins YachtAid Global Caribbean Solutions Team

Collaboration is at the heart of disaster relief and we’re proud of our wonderful and diverse partner organizations which allow us to jointly create even more impact to people in need. We’re thrilled to announce our newest alliance with our friends at Humanity Road and have already benefitted immensely from their “information as a service” offering in our Caribbean relief efforts.

“Boydton, VA, November 14, 2017 | Humanity Road has activated to support YachtAid Global and their 2017 Caribbean Relief response to provide disaster relief to the Caribbean. Humanity Road is assisting YachtAid Global with operational support for its Caribbean operations and is providing valuable information on unmet needs.

The scope of the damage left by Hurricanes Irma and Maria is almost incomprehensible. Over fifteen countries and forty million people were in the path of the storms. Dominica suffered catastrophic losses with 90% of the electricity knocked out, all 53 hospitals have been damaged and more than 28,000 buildings are reported to be damaged or destroyed. As a result of the storms, Puerto Rico experienced total loss of electric across the island of 3.5 million people. “There is still such a great need for aid in the Caribbean, and the yachting community has really stepped forward to help. We are excited to be partnering with YachtAid Global to support their response” shares Chris Thompson, President of Humanity Road, a global digital disaster response organization headquartered in Boydton, Virginia.

YachtAid Global (YAG) coordinates the acquisition and delivery of humanitarian aid to coastal communities in need or impacted by natural disasters in collaboration with a global network of volunteers, vetted non-governmental organizations and disaster relief experts. They leverage information on unmet needs to deploy quickly and bring valuable aid within a short window of time. August 31 when Category 5 Hurricane Irma devastated the Caribbean, YachtAid Global issued an urgent call to action to the Yachting industry and announced the formation of the SuperYacht Aid Coalition.

The YAG response capabilities matched with Humanity Road information capabilities makes this solution team a strong asset in the world of disaster response. The yachting industry has a high commitment to excellence, and YachtAid Global brings those core values to disaster response. Humanity Road volunteers are trained to use techniques to monitor live social media streams as well as using cutting edge tools to collect and analyze data. These techniques and tools help the organization locate medical and health related information that adds value to disaster response organizations and first responders.

As part of the YachtAid Global Caribbean response, the sailing vessel Enzo, from Rhode Island, is carrying relief items and is currently deployed in the Caribbean responding to water filtration needs. Their progress is being shared via their Facebook Page Operation Enzo.

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About Humanity Road @Humanity Road
Humanity Road is an award winning top rated 501c3 nonprofit, recognized at the White House by the Department of Homeland Security for its contribution to disaster response and by the United Nations as one of the top 100 innovative humanitarian aid organizations in the world. Humanity Road leverages social media to monitor and provide aid information to the public impacted by disaster and the aid agencies responding. They are the industry leader for their mission specific reports that include early indications based on social media. The organization also engages in technology experiments, disaster preparedness exercises and training to improve situational awareness, community resilience and to speed the chain of care

About Yacht Aid Global @YachtAidGlobal
YachtAid Global orchestrates the delivery of disaster relief, development and conservation aid to coastal communities and is dedicated to deploying yachts to deliver humanitarian aid to isolated as well as underprivileged coastal communities worldwide. YachtAid Global utilizes a network of volunteers: those who coordinate logistics; yacht owners and donors who purchase supplies; and, yacht owners and yacht crew who transport lifesaving supplies in serious times of need. In times of natural disasters, YachtAid Global mobilizes and shifts resources quickly to provide disaster relief in ways that others have not explored. SuperYacht Aid Coalition is the unifying brand representing YachtAid Global. The organization was founded in 2006 and is a registered nonprofit providing tax benefits to donors.

Contact: Cat Graham, Chief Operations Officer
Mobile 434-738-8930
Twitter @humanityroad @disasteranimals”