Severe hurricane IRMA call to action

This is a YachtAid Global call to action for the Superyacht industry to collectively engage in relief efforts to benefit those who will be impacted by hurricane #IRMA, and those already impacted by tropical storm #Lidia in Mexico.
Irma is very likely to strike many isolated communities and yachting centers over the next days.
Involvement can be as simple as introducing us to a key government official to a more complex hosting of GHOST (disaster relief team ) aboard with your vessel acting as a mobile self contained forward operating platform involved with search and rescue and medical first response.
Other ways to be involved are donate cash ( see link on our website ), donate warehouse space and trucking , move verified NGO aid, make and distribute drinking water, drones for survey work, tenders for survey work, tenders to move people and aid, helicopter for survey and rescue missions and more. There are a great variety of ways that yachts can be involved.
We do not promote in kind donations.
The key is to be ready in advance. Once your on board survival plan is in place and active , be sure reach out to #YachtAidGlobal to find out when and where to leverage your assets.
Contact us now to express your interest.
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      Hi Sean, thank you for the message. how did you find out about us? please provide answers to the below questions and send to and
      best regards

      We are very careful in how we do things at YachtAid Global. It is important to understand yours and our expectations as well as to properly match your capabilities with proper tasks.
      During disaster relief situations, we coordinate various tasks such as:
      • Moving our partner NGO and other verified NGO cargo from point A to point B
      • Putting a disaster relief team aboard and moving them into isolated areas that need help
      • Moving verified NGO workers from point A to point B
      • Making and distributing fresh water
      It is important to remember that the actual needs change hour to hour. What we know right now has already been superseded by new information that is slow to be released, disasters are hyper dynamic situations.
      The QA outlined below is designed to provide us with the basic fundamental information about your operational objectives and capabilities. Please provide answers and any additional information you think will help us:

      1. The Boat
      a. Name
      b. LOA
      c. Draft
      d. Cruising speed

      2. Location
      a. Where is the boat now
      b. Can a truck drive up next to the boat and use a portable crane to load cargo
      c. Or is the boat in a slip at a marina with limited access, dock carts only
      d. Can the boat relocate to a place where a truck can get close access to unload cargo if so where

      3. Timing
      a. What date and time can you start doing relief work
      b. What date do you need to stop doing relief work
      c. If departure date is different from start of preparation work
      i. What date can you start bringing cargo aboard

      4. Fuel
      a. Can you depart with full fuel tanks
      b. For how many days can you operate on generators, running between the islands without needing to re fuel

      5. Crew aboard
      a. How may crew aboard
      i. Do any crew have the below if so who and what exactly
      1. Disaster relief experience
      2. Ex military
      3. Medical training like emt, paramedic, rescue diver, etc

      6. Disaster relief team – BGM DART ( disaster assistance response team )
      a. See here about DART
      b. And here
      c. There may be a particular situation and location where it is good to host DART
      d. If you are ok hosting DART
      e. How many berths can you allocate for the team

      7. How much cargo can you carry
      a. What is maximum combined weight that can go aboard in the way of cargo?
      i. We are mindful of boat stability
      b. From a volume perspective, if each box is 24′ x 24′ x 24′, approx how many of this size box so we can be aware of physical space available
      c. How much space is under cover protected from rain
      d. How much space on deck open to elements
      e. Do you have ability to take on full pallets of cargo about 48 x 48 x 48 inches would be craned aboard
      i. If so how many full pallets of cargo approximately

      8. Watermakers
      a. How many water makers
      b. What is water production rate in gallons per hour each water maker fully maximized
      c. Do you have plenty of pre filters aboard to keep them running if water is silty

      9. Water tanks
      a. What is your total tank capacity for fresh water
      b. What is the fastest rate at which you can discharge water into a tank ashore or containers in a tender
      c. How much deck hose do you have to reach from tank discharge to a fill point

      10. Communications
      a. What kind of sat com system do you have aboard
      b. What is the bandwidth for data coms and ability to transmit video and images
      c. Who is your provider

      11. Drones
      a. Do you carry drones
      b. What type

      12. Tenders
      a. What type of tenders aboard
      b. Cruising speed of each
      c. What is range at cruising speed for each tender
      d. Do you carry spare gas if so how many refills

      13. Helicopter
      a. Is there a helicopter aboard
      b. Can it be used for relief work

      14. Funding and donations
      a. Do you have funding available to donate for relief work
      b. If so what sort of $$
      c. Are you interested in creating your own fund raising campaign so friends and family, owners, vendors to the boat can donate to your project
      d. Does your owner have food or manufacturing or warehousing or logistics business of any kind that can be leveraged to help people

      15. Media
      a. Are you ok with media exposure from local, national and international news outlets
      b. We can work with any level of exposure from total media black out, to full integration and access and use of boat name, owner name, owner and captain interviews, etc etc… and any subset between those two extremes
      c. Media coverage inspires others to follow suit and do good for others

      Answers to the above may trigger another round of questions.

      We are very serious in properly understanding capabilities and tasking boats. We try to avoid loading you up with un-documented in kind donations of used clothing, toys, etc etc.


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