The YAG Man Challenge – Ten diverse athletes rise to the challenge

YAG Man Challenge is taking place in San Diego, October 9, 2011 and has been created to raise awareness and funds for YachtAid Global.

The Challenge is, who can better Mark Drewelow ( YAG Man ) in a 1 mile open water swim?

Ten have risen to the Challenge.

Weather will be perfect sunshine no wind conditions air temp 68 – 75 with water 64 – 66 F.

Mark Drewelow – YAG Man, YAG founder and Visionary, C2C inc President

Mark started competitive swimming at a young age.  By the time he reached high school the pool time was split between water polo and swimming.  Mark was an All American at the Junior College level in swimming.  On the polo side he attended University of California Irvine on a scholarship and was one of 13 team members in 1982 that won the NCAA division I Championship, at that time considered the finest collegiate polo team ever assembled which had a 32-0 season.

Richard Drewelow – Little YAG Man, CommVault company Executive

Inspired by his older brothers aquatic performances – Richard Drewelow started training with their High School team at age 12. He went on to win gold in the US Nationals, become a 1988 Olympic Trial finalist, All-American top 15, and world ranked long distance swimmer for ten years.  Richard  attended UCLA with a full athletic scholarship. He continues to enjoy the sport with his siblings as a committed Masters Swimmer and open water competitor.  In 1988 he placed 1st out of  1369 athletes in the La Jolla Rough Water Swim with a time of 20:17.

Paul Daubner – The Broker, Northrop Johnson in San Diego

I have lived, worked and played in and on the water since before I could walk. The last time I swam competitively was about 40 years ago as a young teenager on our local swim team. Last month my son Max along with a few friends challenged me to swim the YAG Man Challenge. So, with only three weeks to train for the competition I am proud to be participating and supporting YachtAid Global!

Max Daubner –  Paul’s 16 year old son

My name is Max Daubner, I am 16 years old and a Junior at Point Loma High.
I have been in some body of water for just about  as long as I can remember. I’ve surfed since 5th grade, and have always been challenging my dad to another race in the pool. I started playing water polo when I was about 12 and haven’t stopped since! I am currently on Point Loma’s Varsity polo squad for the 3rd year. I cannot wait to swim with people that are the best in the boat business, and am excited to help support such a great organization!

Kerrie Wassall – Crew X 

In her younger years, Kerrie was a top Nationally ranked swimmer in the UK which was not that long ago.

Nick Jackson – S/Y ERICA Crew

We don’t know much about Nick, just that he is an athlete of some substance from a far away place.

Nick Dolphin – Mr. Dolphin – M/Y Helios Crew – Waterman

Working on 60m Yacht Helios, Grew up In South Australia, competitive swimmer for 14 years, national title holder, State Champion, Olympic Trials.  Now always in the water working as scuba diving instructor and hopes his last name will help him through the race.

Two Crew – Crew A and Crew B – M/Y Helios

As of 1230 PST Oct 7, we have a last minute report that  2 crew from motor yacht Helios have risen to the challenge and will be joining the other athletes.  No further details available on who they are and if they are athletes of any substance to be true contenders. Certainly their crewmate Mr Dolphin is a contender.

Todd Roberts – Shipyard Guy – Vice President Marine Group Boat Works

Todd at one point was a water polo and swimming champion.  Its been awhile since those champion days but Todd is ready for the swim despite being on medication due to illness.  We are all inspired by this act and wish Todd a speedy successful swim.

For information about the Challenge click HERE.

The YAG Man Challenge will culminate at Fifth Avenue Landing where the downtown superyacht marina will provide complimentary lunch / BBQ on the docks for YAG Challengers, fans and crew.  For fans of the challengers, a dedicated ferry boat will leave the finish area on Coronado Island at 1015 hr +- to bring everyone back to 5th Ave Landing and the yummy BBQ.  All we need now is one of the yachts to allow the athletes use of their on deck jacuzzi to thaw their frigid bodies.


YAG Man competed in the La Jolla Rough Water Swim on September 11, 2011 as part of his training for the YAG Man Challenge.  He completed the swim in 31:58.  This is a photo of one of the start waves at that swim.



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