SELJM in Palma organizing T – Giving meal Nov 24 or 25

This is from Jessica aboard sailing yacht Seljm in Palma:

hello to all interested and hopefully interested future parties…!!!
i know you are all probably really busy right now, but i wanted to touch base about THANKSGIVING, which is the last thursday in november, so approx 3 weeks from today, so i need to start organizing this now.
1)  WHAT
thanksgiving is a traditional american event with a very specific menu, including turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes (not tortilla, paul), sweet potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce,  green beans, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and sometimes even green “jello,” but we won’t go that far.  sometimes, if we have other interested parties, we end up having a raffle or an auction, but the first order of business is to organize the event itself, i.e. the place, the food, and the people.
we have been doing this all over the world and raising money for local charities and/or Yacht Aid Global, which supports schools and children worldwide.  we would like to do it again this year and target people with money to spare, i.e. YACHTIES!!! 
people on boats are usually interested in giving back to local communities, as long as it doesn’t involve too much effort or time off the boat for them.  i want to make this REALLY SIMPLE, so that we can get as many attendees as possible.  THEN we’ll charge them either an entry ticket price, or ask them to donate a certain amount, or just pass a bucket around and see what happens.  the important things are: to get people together to have fun and to share this great holiday event;  to get the word out that with a small amount of effort and a little bit of money, so many great things are possible that will change lives and the quality of lives; and to create an easy atmosphere in which we can give back to the communities that we visit and/or live in.
suggestions for children’s charities are very welcome, and whoever does the most organizing for this event, or provides the most assistance will get to choose the charity of their choice!!
the first thing we need to do is find a space in which we could have between 20 and 60 (??) people, although i think 60 might be a bit much!!!  you mentioned that you might have a few ideas??  the place MUST:
a)  be easy to get to & easy to get a taxi from (!!), so not too far away; b)  a place that will be warm enough in late november to have a long, comfortable lunch; c)  a place that can incorporate not only the tables and chairs for the people, but a few large tables for the food; d) a place where we can play music and party without bothering anybody.
the other idea is to have a marquee here on the dock (at moll vell ex-pier 46), so that at least the boats that are here & hopefully taking part (??) will have access to garbage cans, bbqs, supplies, alcohol, refrigeration, cooking utensils, and etc.  if it’s cold, perhaps we can rent some space heaters to put inside the marquee?  i have copied oscar sitches (the dock manager of here & pantalan mediterraneo) on this email, who is supposed to be having a huge bash here on friday, but the weather doesn’t look too hot at the moment… we are wondering whether he has information on renting marquees & heaters, and whether or not we would be allowed to do this?
we have held this in a conference center in a rainy nz shipyard, in the blazing sun along a dock between two boats, with spare sails & awnings & fairy lights; and on a beach with tables in the sand.  we can do it anywhere, as long as it’s SAFE and comfortable, with easy access for people & food.
3)  WHEN
the 24th of November is actual thanksgiving, but perhaps friday afternoon, the 25th, might make more sense if people are working & have weekends free.  but we are flexible, it could even happen on the saturday?  the meal would start at about 2pm and go on until whenever.
4)  HOW
everybody registers and chooses from a list to bring something.  a stuffed turkey, a plate of beans, a load of plastic plates, whatever.  everybody brings alcohol, usually only beer & wine, as it gets complicated otherwise.   the seljms usually supply the decorations and can rent tables & chairs plus whatever supplies are needed.  i also usually end up bringing whatever it is that nobody wants to make (like pumpkin pies).  if people are not gainfully employed, they can still come, as long as they volunteer to help with the party!!
5)  WHO
THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!  we (the seljms) really want to make this an annual event that people can take all over the world.  we want boats and people that not only show up but are willing to participate and possibly start their own traditions and parties, with charities and helping local communities in mind!! 
short of that, we need fun, responsible people who don’t mind helping out and/or spending money…not drunken idiots who only show up for free food, then bugger off after leaving a euro or two under duress.  we really have no idea who will still be here for the winter, so if you know of any boats staying here, we’d love to get in touch with them!
please can you all get back to me with any ideas/suggestions/comments?
if the “big” one doesn’t work, we’ll do a smaller one with friends only.  thanksgiving WILL happen, but it would be great to keep our thanksgiving tradition going!!
look forward to hearing from you…….
xoxoxo jessica & steve & the gang on Seljm
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