February 5, 2013 – Motor Yacht LADY LOLA steps up in Panama

Motor yacht Lady Lola http://www.yachtladylola.com/index.html , a 62 meter Oceanco, has answered the call and will be moving school aid from Panama City to the Islas Secas area of western Panama in the Gulfo Chiriqui.

Since 2007, YachtAid Global has been providing aid to the schools in this region so the kids have the goods they need to attend school. The waters around their villages border the Coiba National Park where Dr. Sylvia Earle visited and studied during 2012.  The future health of the park waters depend on those kids growing up with a sound education.

During formation of YachtAid Global we were looking for direction on what to do and where.  Back in 2005 we quickly discovered Millennium Development Goals – MDG’s.  We use MDG’s to guide our efforts and to provide substance for the methodology we use.  I encourage all readers to take a look at MDG’s, there you will find weeks and weeks of really interesting reading.  If you drill down into MDG’s you will get to the base level where we extract our guidance.  Bill Gates recently wrote about the importance of MDG’s in his annual letter.

This brings us back to the Coiba National Park area and moving school aid to the remote schools.  Based on our due diligence and using our YAG methodology this region works perfectly for us.  Our focus is on humanitarian tasks, but the underlying result is the kids grow up with better chance at a solid education which directly ties to the sustainability and conservation issues in the Coiba area.   We have multiple 3rd party sources showing us that education plays a vital role.

Click on the links below for info about the Coiba area from Dr Sylvia Earle:

From one of those links above we extract this text from Google Oceans Program Manager Jenifer Austin Foulkes:

 “”One of our dive guides explained to me that a group of educators have started a program to paint murals of whales and ocean life in local towns here in Panama. They then volunteer to go into the schools to teach children about ocean conservation. He said that he believes that the next generation will need to be the ones to lead the way to increase and maintain marine protected areas.””

And the link below goes to Conservation.Org a good article about the Coiba area:

From that Conservation.org link we extract some more meaningful information that validates our methodology as follows:

“”Our Strategy for Achieving Results

Improve livelihoods and reduce the negative environmental impacts of businesses and local communities by increasing the sustainability of economic activities, especially in and around national MPAs and MPA networks​

Establish an enabling environment for effective management of the marine ecosystem and sustainable development in and around MPAs and MPA networks, including strengthening policies, institutions, education and outreach programs””

We will post more information about the Gulfo Chiriqui School Aid project as we enter the transportation, receiving and distribution phases.

To follow Lady Lola during March, will be another very high profile yacht that has stepped up to move aid.  Yacht X needs to remain unknown at this time, perhaps at some point in the future the captain will authorize us to release the boat name.

Images and more news to follow.

Captain Mark Drewelow, YAG Founder



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